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Bermuda (E-Book/English)


E-Book (E-Guide) – Bermuda English
03rd Edition 11-2022 • 200 Seiten
Author: Martin Velbinger
Dateigröße: PDF 20mb | ePub 27,5mb

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VELBINGER – Bermuda (E-Book)

BERMUDA, a very beautiful and worthwhile island!

This book has all the necessary information for the individual traveller to realise a perfect vacation on the island.
You find description about connection, interesting places to see.
How to make holiday cheap and see very much.

Absolutely lonely in the North Atlantic, distance to New York about 1,200 km. It has excellent sand beaches, coves, great snorkel opportunities and warm water all year round. The Bermudas have the most dense underground tunnel system and most of the dripstone caves in the world! Also regarding shipwrecks world record and is an eldorado for divers. As cruise-combi „ship and swimming“ it is super !!!


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